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URL miniaturisation with a twist!

Step 1Enter the URL you wish to miniaturise.

For example: Ideas/dp/0452273161/ref=sr _1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid= 1228 077858&sr=8-1

Step 2Enter your prefered short code.

If you do not enter a short code or the code you request is not available we will create one for you.

Step 3Click "Get Link"

For example:

The Twist

If you wish you can add replace rules by clicking "Add Rules". Add words or phrases you wish to replace on your choosen site. You can add as many rules as you wish, just keep clicking "Add Rules"

Once you have a short code you can apply the same rules to other sites by adding another site to the end of the URL we provide. For example s84dy/